måndag 30 mars 2015

Happy Easter always brings..

 photo 108836_zpsa57d960f.gif
"Happy Easter"
Easter duck and Easter chick..
Easter eggs with chocolate thick.
Easter hats for one and all,
Easter bunny makes a call!
Happy Easter always brings
Such a lot of pleasant things!
Bunny rabbits wiggle,
So much they make me giggle.
They wiggle their ears,
They wiggle their nose,
The tail on their rear,
Wiggles too, I suppose.
And just when I say "Stop wiggling, stop!"
They wiggle all over, and take a big hop!
May all the joys of
this glorious season
be yours.
Happy Easter
Winnie The Pooh With Friends..
Easter photo oumloumlouml_zpsv0lwwyx4.gif

torsdag 12 mars 2015

It Feels Like..

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Kan det vara..
Ja det är Våren det känns i luften..
Ja det är våren som hat kommit igen..
Så passa på att njuta nu stundar
härliga tider...
Kramar från Winnie The Pooh
med vänner..